Rakhi Beads Band-Orange

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Material: cotton threads and beads


Rakhis radiate the spirit of universal brotherhood and sisterhood.

As one of their first steps into the world, the youth at Ashiyana Foundation are learning to weave rakhis of responsibility and love through their work. They pick up pieces of string, seeds and beads and transform the everyday into beautiful creations brimming with hope and possibility. With this sense of possibility and hope for ourselves, our youth and our world, let us celebrate. Tie a rakhi around the wrist of a friend or sibling, and share the joy!

Ashiyana works with at-risk children and youth who are in closed institutions, and those needing support outside of these institutions. Ashiyana fosters transformative spaces to enable these young people to find their inner strength, change behavioural patterns, and end cycles of poverty and violence. Your support in this endeavour means a lot. Thank you for purchasing this product and believing in our youth.