Rumi Postcards

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Material: Recycled Paper

'Let the beauty we love be what we do'
These words of Rumi has inspired for a long time and have travelled with us so far. While there is no reason for these postcards to be there on a curated platform for eco0friendly products, but it needs all the place. The words of Rumi has left a deep impact on anyone who has just been touched by him. 
About the Brand:
The Root started by Nitesh Mohanty is a platform to propagate social, cultural, political and environmental issues through a range of creative mediums & merchandise.
About the Postcards:

Set of 8 postcards Size: 5.5 inch X 3.5 inch. Offset Prints on 300gsm recycled natural craft paper. Original photographs shot across the ruins & monuments of Lucknow, Mandu, Banaras... Along with "Farsi" Calligraphy detail on the back.